Sunday, October 21, 2007

Colin and Brad

Last night we went to the Colin and Brad show. They were on Who's Line is it Anyway? for those who couldn't place the names. The whole show is improv and was very funny. I laughed so hard I have a sore throat today. The funniest sketch they did was with mousetraps. They set 100 live mousetraps on the stage, put goggles on so they couldn't see, then walked barefoot through the mousetraps while playing the alphabet game (everything they say has to start with the next letter of the alphabet). We had such a good time.

Flower learned to ride her bike without training wheels. She has been resisting for quite some time. She does very well and now rides up and down the alley like she's been doing it forever. Mini-me wanted a piece of the action, so now has her own little bike with training wheels. The best part about her bike is that it's a Spider-man bike. Somehow, Curly managed to talk her out of a princess bike and into a Spider-man bike, thinking that it was okay for her to ride a boy bike, but Unacceptable for Patch to ride a girls bike. Mini-me doesn't care too much what it looks like, she just cares that she can go really fast. She was riding behind me yesterday, calling out, "Watch out, Mommy!" Lucky for, she never caught up.

Last night I had a very strange dream involving Troy from High School Musical, my aunt, and a Talbots store. Very, very strange.

Don't forget to keep leaving comments on my 300th post! Anyone can win, even mothers-in-law.


DanceNplay said...

Who said I was comparing me to you? hahahahaha. Very funny!!
I know I'm awesome. Just different. DAng, I wish I could've gone to the Colin and Brad show. That's sounds so HILARIOUS! LEt me know when shows like that come aorund!

G'ma Judy said...

Dear Daughter-in-law, So what's up with your blog anyway? I actually DID write a comment (like about number three!) but somehow my comment must have gotten lost in Cyberspace or the Blog Witch did a spell on it, because I don't see it on your Comments page! As a matter of fact, I'd written another comment on the same day (in reply to your Sept. 28 post) and I must admit I had a lot of trouble publishing both of them. The mystery deepens...
Your loving mother-in-law (and technological flunky I suppose), Judy
PS: YES, do PLEASE register me in the coaster contest.