Friday, October 26, 2007

To Market, to Market

I read a lot of blogs. Maybe not as many as Camille, but a lot. Because I am on this quilting kick (that I hope never leaves me because it's fun), I have found lots of quilting blogs that I like. Nearly every one of them has stopped posting for a few days to go to the quilt market in Texas. The quilt market is for vendors (people who design stuff) and for shop owners (people who buy the stuff and then sell it to me). I am neither a vendor nor a shop owner, so I can't go. But I wish I could. It sounds like a lot of fun. For the next few days, I am without my favorite blogs. Maybe I can get some housework done.

Curly has taken the girls tonight to our neighborhood Halloween party. It's at the elementary school that's within walking distance, but because of the deluge of rain, they drove. I was given detailed instruction on how to properly dress Flower so she looked like a Mexican princess/flamenco dancer. I think I did okay. Mini-me is a princess. I let them both wear make-up, and they walked out of here like they were hot stuff. We took pictures, which I will post later. Patch was too tired to go. I hope he's not too tired on Halloween night -- we have a lot of houses to hit!

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