Monday, July 08, 2013

I've Been Busy

So, I've been busy. Nothing monumental. Just normal, every day busy. For example, I have been doing laundry. That's important for those in my family who enjoy clean clothes. I have also been making dinner and fitting in the occasional shower. Sidebar -- when did bathing become a luxury event in my life?

Last month we headed home to spend some time with some friends. We had 11 kids and 3 moms in one house. It was crazy fun. I'm not sure I took a single picture. Then the kids and I went to my parent's house for a few days. That was also a good time. So fun, in fact, that we're going to do it again.

Last week, my BFF Lauren and her family came to our house for the holiday weekend. I did take pictures this time! We knew we were in for some fun when the night they arrived, Ginger and Olivia were walking around holding hands. Future besties in the making.

We did a lot of fun Pittsburgh-y things. We walked around downtown and went to Point State Park. It's where there's a giant fountain and also where the two impossible to spell rivers merge to become the easier to spell Ohio River. The baby was with us, but she didn't want to be photographed.

 We went on a date night. It was very sweaty. Let me tell you, 80 degrees in Pittsburgh is like 100 degrees in Vegas. We went on the Duquesne Incline, which pretty much is a giant elevator that takes you up the side of a hill. It's a must see for anyone travelling through. The views from the top are divine. We have a very pretty city. (We did take a picture with our husbands, but it had major red eye.)
 This is Mini-me and Patch on top of the parking garage. I like to call our city the Europe of Pennsylvania.
 We visited a couple of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives restaurants. First up was Kelly-O's, which is less than 10 minutes from our house. Who knew? I had a salad. It was huge. My kids all had pancakes. They were better than McDonald's, and those pancakes are awesome.
 Then on our date night, we went to Primanti Brothers in Market Square. I ate a sandwich as big as my face. It had cole slaw and french fries on top. Delish.
It was so fun. I hope they'll come back.


Jackie said...

so funny... man, don't be so funny, then I won't miss u so much.

patty said...

Those are some good eats. Wait. That's a different show.

Thimbleanna said...

It sounds like you're having a great summer. I laughed at your 80 degrees here vs. 100 out west -- so true as we melt this summer. All this rain is making for a hot sticky mess. Still better than the drought though! Did we ever figure out if you're hosting market next spring? 'Cause it would be good to remember those restaurants! ;-D

losing my needles said...

Oh, don't worry. We will be back soon!! (And my mom's house is empty until next March!)