Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa Baby

A few weeks ago, we rode the rails on the Santa Train. Ginger was so excited.

When Santa arrived, however, Ginger was no longer excited but completely terrified. She wouldn't look up until Santa went in another car. And Patch was pretty nervous, too. He had to sit on my lap and wouldn't talk directly to Mr. Claus. Mini-me, on the other hand, chattered away about her desire for presents previously unmentioned.
Every year, Curly's work does a breakfast with Santa. The past couple of years, he has gotten to put on the suit. Again, Ginger would not go anywhere near him. When I took this picture, she had wrapped herself around my legs and would not let go until Santa left the area.

Let's hope he overlooks her rudeness and brings her some presents. After all, of the four kids, she's been the nicest.


patty said...

Ginger gets her love of costumed characters from her Aunt Melly.

Mama Pea said...

Awww. We didn't go see Santa this year. I'm all...bahh. Humbug. Sigh.