Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

All the worry about going on vacation that I was going to gain weight was for not. After coming home, I am down I think 3 pounds. I think. It's a total of 29.6 pounds. I am super proud of myself. I don't always make the best food choices, but I'm learning.

Having the kids go back to school has thrown me a little. Getting used to the schedule is tricky for all of us. I am having the hardest time getting up when the alarm goes off. Maybe I need to go to bed earlier. I'll try it tonight. It would also help if Miss Ginger would stop waking up during the night. Having uninterrupted sleep would do me worlds of good.

I had lunch with two great friends today. There is something about going to lunch with your girlfriends that is reviving to the soul. We talked and laughed and ate yummy Spanish tapas. Then we went and tried on jewelry at a cute little boutique. It was a fun day that I hope to repeat often this fall.


Leslie said...

sounds like such a fun time! congrats on the weight loss!!! it is so awesome to lose weight when you think you should vacation and holidays!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your weight loss while you were on vacation. Tell Miss Ginger that you're on new schedule and she has to go to sleep! xo

Lisa and Doug said...

I have never lost weight on vacation. You are AMAZING!

Emily Snow said...

It was good for my soul, too, jlk, & yes...let's repeat often this fall!