Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

A recent shot of me, my SIL, and one of my BFFs.

This past week was a challenge for me. On Saturday, there was a farewell luncheon for a friend of mine who is moving to North Carolina. Everyone brought a delicious dish to share. Everything was so tasty! Then, on Sunday, we had Ginger's blessing at church and then hosted a lunch here afterwards. Again, the food was so tasty! I had dessert both days. I thought the scale would not be my friend this week, but it wasn't too bad. I was down about half a pound. After 10 weeks on Weight Watchers, I have had a loss each week. It's fabulous! It's slow, which it needs to be because I'm nursing, but it's consistent. Luckily this week is event free. I can just eat my points and not worry about the extra stuff.

I have been a little stressed lately. It's been pretty hard not to eat chips. It's also been pretty hard not to run to Target and shop my stress away. But last night we did our taxes, which takes some stress away, and today I am tackling the laundry. An organized house does wonders for stress, doesn't it? Tonight I will fold laundry while watching my favorite shows. I would much rather stitch while watching tv, but the laundry needs to be taken care of!

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Anonymous said...

Who are you and what have you done with the drama queen? Yes, indeed an organized house with folded laundry relieves stress! Don't you feel so much better? It's a lot better than chips any day:)xo