Monday, April 19, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

Ginger had to get more shots today. It was very sad. She cried and cried, and she still cries if you touch her tender, chunky thighs. She has slept quite a bit today, which has worked out pretty well for me. I've gotten a few things done that have been on the the "to do" list for a few weeks.

Patch had some trouble at the park today. He took after a kid and started to hit him with closed fists. Lest anyone think I find this amusing in any way, I do not. I am pretty sure he thought he was playing with the kid, nevertheless, he was removed from the situation and we had a lengthy (for a 3-year-old) chat about being a bully.

There are some boys in our neighborhood who do not like to play with Mini-me, and she takes it very hard. They are older and a little rougher and don't have time for a cute Kindergartner to join their games. We had tears in the alley behind our house because they wouldn't give her a turn in the wagon. So sad.

Flower went to school dressed like Madonna in the 80s -- lots of layers and a flouncy skirt that looked like it belonged under a square dance outfit. I thought she looked kind of silly, but she was happy with herself. And really, if given the choice between over layered or skimpy, I would choose over layered any day of the week.


Leslie said...

you had quite a monday.

Lisa and Doug said...

What a day! Sometimes it is hard being a mom.

Anonymous said...

Some day those boys will want to date Mini-me and then will they ever be sorry! And Patch, Patch, Patch -- unclench thy fists!