Sunday, February 07, 2010

Happy Birthday

A Tribute

Today my Grandma Jeanne's birthday. I won't tell you how old she is, because you wouldn't believe me. She is simply amazing. The glue that holds our family together, she remembers everyones birthdays and special occasions, from her first born Mike to the newest great-grandbaby Silas. She sends a card to her great-grandkids for all the fun holidays, like Halloween, and it usually has a $5 bill in it. She keeps track of everyone and knows our interests and hobbies. At last count, that's 51 people she follows. See what I mean by amazing?
Grandma and Patch, summer 2009
Martha has nothing on my Grandma. My grandma makes the best tacos. And her roast beef? Don't get me started! When she was my age, she sewed clothing, even for herself. She had a degree in Home Economics, which if I knew then what I know now, I would have majored in myself. I like to think she passed those skills along to me. Grandma is always perfectly dressed, a skill I'm sure she learned from her father and his clothing store in Brigham City, UT. From her I learned how to set the perfect Thanksgiving table. I also learned that jeans do not belong anywhere near a special meal, and that shoes must be worn.
That's Grandma on the right, 1930
My grandma wrote me every week while I was on my mission. That's roughly 78 letters, folks. They were always newsy and full of encouragement. And when I came home? She was always interested and complimentary of my "single girl" lifestyle. When she came for a visit, I took her in my orange Explorer to see the townhouse I lived in. After that visit, I realized how cool it was that I had a few years post-graduation and pre-marriage to just be me and do the things I liked to do. Now, she keeps up with me and my cousins on blogs and facebook. She emails instead of writing letters. I am fairly certain she had high speed internet before I did.

So, happy birthday, Grandma Jeanne! I hope it is full of chocolate and diet coke.


Anonymous said...

That's a great tribute to Grandma Jeanne, and everything you said is absolutely true. Aren't we lucky?

Lisa and Doug said...

That parade float pic is a keeper! Wonderful post.

Emily Snow said...

Aah...what a nice tribute!

Chiloe said...

She seems to be the grand' ma everybody dreams about !!! You are so lucky! I'm sure all her children are like her???

Anonymous said...

My goodness - you have a COOL grandma!!

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