Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Week

It's one week until my big Molly Patch show here in MD. I am a little nervous. I still have a few samples left to sew, and my price list needs to be adjusted. Then there's the matter of trying to peddle my wares. What if no one buys anything? Ack!

It's also one week until the funnest holiday ever: Halloween. Our costumes are ready to go, and the kids are getting excited. We are having a small party before we trick-or-treat. Curly and Flower will be in charge of getting ready while I'm at my show. It should be fun.


Anonymous said...

I pretty sure that I'll be making a purchase or two. Does that count?

Karyn said...

I am sure that a LOT of people will love your "stuff". It is always very coolio. Good luck with your show. I might be needin' to make an on-line purchase myself.

Kathy said...

how did it go?!?!?!