Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let's Bowl!

This past week has been weird with school. Flower was off Monday while Mini-me had school. Mini-me has had half days Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tomorrow, Mini-me is home and Flower is in. So Monday, we went bowling. Don't tell Mini-me, she still doesn't know.
All the balls were the same color, two were the same weight. Somehow, Flower and Patch could tell the two identical ones apart.
Flower had great form. Papa Ken would be proud. Whenever we bowled growing up, which wasn't often, he would correct our form. Somehow, he knows something about every sport.

Curly also had great form. He's also pretty cute.

Flower got a strike and was so excited.

Patch rolled the slowest ball ever down the lane. He did pretty well, coming in third out of three.

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Lisa and Doug said...

I love bowling as a family.