Thursday, July 31, 2008

Still Alive (?)

I am exhausted today. Patch woke up at the early hour of 4:30 this morning, and didn't want to go back to bed until about 10. It's been a long day. I tried to be fun through my exhaustion, with a trip to the library and to get ice cream, but man, am I tired! We have 3 more shows, and then I'm headed to the YMCA for a massage. Free babysitting to boot. Oh life is grand.

I organized all my cross stitch supplies this week. They have been sorely neglected. Yet again, I have nothing for the fair. Oh well. Next year.

I am feeling a little blue that we'll be missing out on all the Sun Valley fun this summer. It will be a quieter place without me. Who will teach the kids how to ice skate? Well, besides Sister Mary of Canada. I just hope they pause for a moment of silence at the ice show, which happens to fall on my birthday. This year the paddle boats will probably be running. Don't judge me when I dress Flower up as a froilein and give her my drink orders at the pool. It's the best I can do.


Anonymous said...

You're coming up on your six year anniversary this weekend, aren't you?


Anonymous said...

We're here and we ARE missing you!