Friday, January 11, 2008


Because of the pouring rain, I decided against taking Patch to the YMCA for much needed stimulation. That, and he had a wee cough this morning. Curly was doing some work from home this morning, so I left Patch with him, picked up Mini-me from preschool, and then went to the Wal-mart for Diet Coke and umbrellas. And toilet paper. And milk. And eggs. Can't have waffles without eggs. When we got home, it was evident that Patch didn't feel well. Sparing details, we have had to change his clothes and bedding several times. Poor kid just can't catch a break. He went to sleep at 5 pm, but I can hear him coughing on the monitor.

Curly has rehearsal tonight, but he is off tomorrow night. Yea!! We have plans to go out with our good friends, the Peredni. It should be a very fun time with them, if for no other reason than they won't puke on me!

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Anonymous said...

I hope he feels better today!

Have fun with the Peredni tonight! (I know you will!)