Monday, January 07, 2008


Now I know why people live in Florida. Today, it was nearly 70 degrees. It's January, people! I have to admit, this weather does wonders for my mood. We spent some time outside at the park today, and even went on a walk to the Safeway for some Diet Coke. What a day! We didn't even have jackets on. Tomorrow is supposed to be much of the same. I could get used to this. I could demand a winter getaway every year to a warmer climate. Right now, I am enjoying having open windows during the second week of January. Like I said, I could get used to this.

I picked up a bit of stitching last night that I had abandoned a few months ago. I don't know why I stopped working on it, except that perhaps because it is impossibly tiny. It's called "Lily and Laurel" by The Heart's Content. I got it a few years ago at the cross stitch retreat with my mom. Maureen, the designer, was one of the teachers. I have to admit, I was quite taken with her and her technique. It is time consuming because it is so small, but the end result is lovely. I did one of her designs a couple of years ago for Curly's parents, and then asked for it back so I could enter it in the county fair. This piece will eventually go to Flower. My goal is to have one or two framed pieces for each of the kids when they move out and establish their own homes. The one I did for Mini-me won best of show for the county fair. Patch's is called "Snapperville" and is yet to be framed. It's a great excuse to keep stitching, even when my wall space has become limited.

Tomorrow, Mini-me starts up with ballet again. She is really looking forward to it. Then, we will head out to the park for a picnic. Hopefully some friends can join us. Tomorrow night, my quilting group is coming over. I have missed hanging out with them. Because we've been sick, I've missed hanging out with everyone! But, we are all better and ready to resume our lives. Anyone want to play?


Emily Snow said...

Seventy degrees sounds wonderful! Not that it has been awful here lately--but not 70's! I wish we could join you at the park--I realized that is what I miss the most, having friends to meet up with every once in a while to break up the day. Unless I run into someone shopping, it's just me and the kids day in and day out.

Anne Marie said...

Really you should move to FL I could use another friend and honestly you cannot beat the weather. Summer is our season of hiding but that means we either hide in the pool in an AC building or car it really is quite beautiful. You and Curly should put some thought into it!!

theatreforfun said...

You know what? If the housing market down there is any better than it is up here I think we'll consider moving . . . of course we'd have to sell our house first . . . nope, guess Florida is pretty much out of the question!