Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween

Halloween was a raging success. I served chili with cornbread mini-muffins (that had bacon, cheese, and green onions in them) and pumpkin dip. We started with 18 people, and then at 5:30 our surprise visitors of Jessica, Jane, and Abby arrived, bringing the party total to 21. There were 4 babies and 3 big kids to go trick-or-treating. PT really got into the Yoda feeling, and led the way. Patch thought it was very fun, but got a little upset if we took his spider hat off. Mini-me took things at her own pace, while Flower and Jane charged ahead. The sheer volume of candy was astounding. While we were out, Grandma did most of the dishes while GrandPatty and PapaKen handed out candy. The Ex and Rope even had a great time. He had 2 bowls of chili. I'm just saying.

Blogger is not allowing me to upload pictures right now, so I'll add them later. Hope your Halloween was just as spooktacular as ours!

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Anonymous said...

Can you post your chili recipe? I had it for dinner tonight and it is the best. ALSO, those chocolate covered Oreo pops are dangerous!

Thanks for making Halloween so fun for us.