Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Frederick Finds

Two of my favorite places to go in Frederick are Needles-n-Pins and Sistos. They might both be quilting shops, but they have different vibes. Needles-n-Pins is very traditional. There are bolts of fabric every in their tiny space. They also have dozens of quilts hung, draped, folded, etc all over the store. It's easy to get inspired. They are right in downtown Frederick, and I love to walk there when the weather's nice. I learned to quilt there. Sistos, on the other hand, is in this historic farmhouse right off the highway. They have a huge selection. It's easy to get inspired. My favorite find there is an Olivia print. There's something about that pig.

Todays spring cleaning went three times as fast. Becky and Colleen helped big time. When I say "helped," I mean "did it." The gross find of today was evidence of mice in the mud room. If I find more than evidence, would anyone be interested in a 1913 Victorian located in historic Frederick? Priced to move!

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Anonymous said...

So the cat...she's not a mouser?