Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Beautiful Day in my Neighborhood

Today is gorgeous; blue sky, light breeze, temperature around 60. Lovely. I took Patch for a walk this morning while Mini-me was in preschool. We went to the post office to mail some burp cloths to my friend Michelle in Texas that just had twins. Making them was so much fun, that I started up my own little company. It's called The Molly Patch. Details on a website will be forthcoming.

Now both kids are asleep (Flower is at her mom's until Thursday). I caught up on some emails, put a load of laundry in (mainly Curly's sweatshirts he's been asking for going on 3 weeks), and am now going to do some dishes and then drink a tall glass of Diet Coke while watching a cooking show. I have been a slacker lately when it comes to my projects. Sick kids and sick me have made me a little tired. But I'm feeling good today, so hopefully I'll make some headway with things starting today.

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