Saturday, January 27, 2007

What About Bob?

There are many movies I quote in life. Not everyone gets my references, but usually I can count on my family to understand. This week I have been quoting "What About Bob?" an unusual amount. Bob has much to offer by way of quotation wisdom. For example, Bob teaches us how to treat a hostess: "Umm. Ummmm. Is this corn hand shucked?!" Bob teaches us to be exuberant: "I'm sailing! I'm sailing!" Bob also teaches us that sometimes we need a break: "I'm taking a vacation; from my problems." That's what I've done this week. I've gone on vacation. I didn't go far and I didn't take much with me. I'm not gone for long, because you can't outrun your problems forever. But when you take a vacation, sometimes when you come home your problems seem a little more managable. But for now, let's keep the cold drinks coming and the movie quotes flowing. I'm on vacation.


Anonymous said...

All we need is the cabana girl!

Anonymous said...

You deserve a break girl!!
Enjoy your ya