Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I have piles of stuff all over my house. There are piles of laundry waiting to be taken upstairs and put away. There are piles of Christmas cards, waiting for something to happen (I vote for throwing away, Curly votes for keeping). There's a pile of bills, waiting to be paid. There are piles of doll clothes. There are piles of Christmas boxes awaiting a trip to the attic. Looking around at the piles makes my resolution seem a bit challenging. But, I have 12 months to accomplish my goal. That's a lifetime!

Mini-me is back at school today, but Flower has one more day of break. She was disappointed not to be going back because she misses her mom. So, instead of making her wait until after school tomorrow, we've arranged for Ex to come pick her up tonight as a surprise. Flower will be so excited. In the meantime, we are making today as fun as possible. We are going to the vet (not so fun), to the quilt store, and to get me a Big Gulp. Then, we will come back here and start working on our quilts (we have at least 3 to do). Flower also got a cross-stitch kit for Christmas that she's anxious to get working on, and a decorate your own tote bag kit. I think we'll do the bag first, and then she'll have a place to stash her stitching.

Time to round up the managerie. Both animals get to go today. York (the cat) will hate it. Gracie (the dog) will love to torment York. To add insult to injury, York has to go in the pet carrier that is normally Gracie's "house." Poor cat.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the piles will win today -- but you are bigger than they are! I'm with you -- toss the cards.