Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011, Baby!

One of my favorite Friends episodes is The One With All The Resolutions. In this episode, Ross wears leather pants, Chandler can't make fun of his friends, Monica takes pictures with a very bright flash, Pheobe tries to teach Joey how to play a guitar without touching a guitar, and Rachel can't gossip. At the beginning, Joey blows a noisemaker and declares it: "The year of Joey!" I did something similar in 2002. It was "The year of Jana!" I didn't know if you were all aware of that, but looking back, I'm sure you will see that 2002 was indeed all about me. A month into it, I met Curly and 6 months later we were married. I think we can deduce that 2002 was a wonderful year for me.

This year, I am also declaring "The Year of Jana!" One of the things I realized this fall was that if you look for good things, good things will happen. In 2011, I'm looking for greatness.

Now I'm off to sew a little. Ginger is asleep and the other kids are quiet. Perfect time for me and Lena to bond. Hope your 2011 is great! I mean, it is all about me, so of course it will be.


Leslie said...

here is to finding greatness!!! hope you had some good sewing time!

Karen said...

Sounds like the perfect plan for 2011. All the very best to you and your family for 2011. Happy sewing!

Lisa said...

I feel very good about entering the Year of Jana!