Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer is Officially Begun

I cried today as we walked Mini-me to her last day of school. She was super-excited, but I was a little nervous as I thought that in just 2 months she'll be starting her first day of all day Kindergarten. It was too much for my pregnant hormones to handle.

I have been reading Pride and Prejudice again. This book is about as good as it gets. I checked Sense and Sensibility out of the library. I have never read this one, but have seen a lot of the movie adaptations. These are not quite "beach reads," but since I'll not be stepping foot on a beach this summer, it's okay. What is nice is that Mini-me and Ro include Patch in their playing, so I have time to read.

We spent a little over an hour at the park today after picking Mini-me up from school. The clouds have moved in and the temp is in the 70s, which made it a comfortable outing. We would have stayed longer, but tummies were rumbling and it was time for a potty break. Hopefully the sun will peak through for our pool visit later this afternoon, but if not, we'll just stay for a short time.


Lisa said...

I love Sense and Sensibility! Have you seen that book that continues the lives of Jane Austen's characters? I noticed it yesterday at B & N. Have fun reading!

Anonymous said...

Let the summertime begin!

Melonius said...

Totally unrelated, but have you seen this etsy site??