Thursday, June 18, 2009

Half Birthday

Today we partied it up in celebration of Mini-me's half birthday.

We had a huge downpour of rain, even though assured me that the rain was done by 9 am.

We made half pizzas, otherwise known as English Muffin Pizzas.

We drank half cans of soda.

We played fun party games, like musical chairs,

and hot potato.

We also ate half birthday cake, which, I must confess, was my most clever idea.

I will show Mini-me these pictures in December, when she asks for a whole birthday party. The answer will be "no."


Leslie said...

What a darling party and great idea! I'm so going to have to remember that!

Rach said...

ya a party at christmas time. no way. great idea by the way.

Mary Ellen said...

Happy half-birthday to Mini-Me!! Patch's new name should be "Male Mini-Me." I think he's looking a lot like you. Cute kiddies.

Patty said...

You sure had a fun party -- and it was a great idea.

Linz said...

Great idea!