Thursday, June 04, 2009

I'm All Alone, All By Myself

At 11:30 this morning, I kissed the kids and hubby goodbye and sent them camping. I am alone. Blissfully alone! I have huge plans. I am tackling some organization projects that have needed to be done for quite some time. I am going to Chipotle for dinner as a reward for that tonight. I have book group tomorrow. I have 2 quilt tops to be quilted and bound. See? Big plans!

In other news, The Ex has a little foster baby at her house. He was born with drugs in his system and has had a tough life so far. His mother has several other children, and has no custody of any of them. Today, the case of the little boy is in court. They could decide to terminate parental rights and make him adoptable, or they could take him and put him in a different foster home, since his mother is from a different county. If you could say a little prayer for this little guy, it would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, it is now time to stop wasting time and to start "Operation Organization." Have a great rainy Thursday!


Linz said...

I am insanely jealous. Enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

Lisa said...

Oh, how I love it when I have the whole house to myself for a period of time. Whenever DTA returns from such a time he says, "well. no grass grew under you!" It is the perfect time to get so much done with no interruptions! And, of course, it also includes some Chipotle!