Monday, September 05, 2011

A Little Finish

We got a new bookshelf after The Great Flood of '11. It's pretty, and kind of big. I can fit my baking staples containers right on a shelf, instead of taking up counter space. I didn't like that they might scratch the shelf, especially during those times of year I turn into a baking machine. Please note the army guy on the shelf. I'm not sure when he was added, but I have noticed a decline in kitchen crimes in the past few weeks.
 I really loved the quatrefoil block found at Modify Tradition. On a side note, does anyone know why that blog ended? I so loved it. {sigh} Anyway, I needed to modify the block myself and make it 9" instead of 12". Math is hard, especially late at night. Which is why it took me 4 days to do this, instead of one.
 But now that its' done, I love it! I used some of Amanda's fabulous fabric, that I just happened to have laying around in a sealed box to prevent it from potential flood damage. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.
 Here it is, on the shelf. It's a perfect fit. Math may be hard, but it's necessary. Stay in school.
The army guy is back in position, and my kitchen is just a little bit prettier. Now that this little project is done, I am going to go sandbag the perimeter of the house. We are supposed to get up to 6" of rain in the next few days. Please pray that we don't have flood #3 this year. I just couldn't handle it.


Lynn said...

Maybe you should start on an ark! I'm sure you could find a nice shelf on the ark for your pretty new runner.

Brooke said...

Ohhh! I love your cute little piece!!! Well done!

Lisa and Doug said...

It's the perfect touch! I love it!

patty said...

That is a pretty savvy way to line a shelf. You're quite brilliant with math, you know. You won the math prize in high school. Hey, everybody -- did you guys know that?

quiltzyx said...

I love it! Perfect solution to the no-scratching issue.

I'm glad to see the greenarmy is on patrol too! ;^)

Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny -- thanks for the army guy tip. Oddly, I don't think we have any of those around the house -- but I'm thinking a little toy soldier might do the trick.

LOVE that little runner. Very cool and just perfect for your shelf!

Karen said...

I hope you don't get another flood. The runner you made for your shelf is adorable. Love the colours. It was good to read your kids all went off to school so wonderfully. (yeah I am really behind in my blog reading. I have been really sick)