Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Photo courtesy of Mini-me. Yes, I am wearing a hoodie with horizontal stripes. I'm just amassing my wardrobe fit for What Not to Wear.

Just a quick thought this late on Wednesday -- any time I am frustrated by how slowly the weight is coming off, or how many little setbacks I have, I think that if I had gained 46 pounds in the same amount of time, I would be hugely fat. I won't tell you the number, but I will tell you that I would be right at home at The Biggest Loser. That's some pretty good perspective for me.


Sea Veg said...

Thank you shearing your comment

patty said...

So proud of you for going down and not up. Keep on plugging.

Mama Pea said...

That's awesome perspective. I love it. I hope I catch up to you soon! You look so great!