Monday, March 15, 2010

A Little Quilty Nonsense

For those who do not quilt and read my blog, please forgive me. For those that do quilt, you will understand my excitement. Maybe. Have you been to the Modify Tradition blog? If not, GO NOW! Then come back here.

There are several reasons I like this blog. They do giveaways, they give clear instructions, and they are all about the kind of quilting I like. I love traditional piecing. I love good, old-fashioned blocks. A quilt made of Ohio Stars just makes my heart sing! But, I love modern fabrics and color combinations; red and aqua, pink and orange, blue and brown. This blog has all of that, plus fun instructions for what to do with those blocks as an alternative to a full-blown quilt. It's just awesome.

Also, thanks for the encouragement about my new etsy shop! It's really coming along. I contacted Bitsy Creations, and Joan (the master-mind behind it all) came up with some fantastic stuff based on my existing Molly Patch logo. To see it, go here. To have Joan come up with something fabulous for you, go here.

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