Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Big Oops, All the Time

I make a lot of mistakes when I'm pregnant. From typos to tripping, I just cannot help myself. I blame the baby. This morning, I thought muffins would be tasty. I had a mix that I got at the store which calls for just 1/2 a cup of milk. Silly me put in 1 1/2 cups. Oops. That doesn't work, and it's a mistake that just needs to be thrown away. Remember my hurt finger? Yeah, I was pregnant then, only I didn't know it. My ankle? Pregnant! Forgetting to wash Patch's clothes last night so he's wearing dirty clothes today? All together now in a sing-songy voice: Preg-nant! The next few months better go fast. I'm getting really tired of all the mistakes!

We are just a few short weeks from our fabulous mid-west getaway. I like to have a little needlework to take with me on the road, even though I rarely get the chance to pull it out. This year, I am taking my block of the month I've been working on. It's called Be Attitudes, and is really fun. I have all 12 blocks sewn together, and I have fused the applique to 2 of them. My machine does not do a blanket stitch, so I am stitching them by hand. It is fun and relaxing, but also very time consuming. My friend and I were supposed to be done with them by September, but that's just not going to happen for me. Maybe by October :)


teamZ said...

Hope you stay accident free. Muffin mix oops, okay. Hurting yourself, not okay!

Lisa and Doug said...

I would like to see that there square of the month.

Rach said...

sounds like pretty normal stuff. I was always at the pool growing up too. 8-1pm and then sometimes in the late afternoon, monday-thurday and then sometime on friday. i miss those days. hope all is well. we need to chat because i will be there next summer and i would love to see you.