Monday, November 12, 2007

Speaking Too Soon

Last night, Curly and I were working on a puzzle. We were enjoying being just the two of us after a long day of caring for sick ones and his rehearsal. Then, at about 9 pm, the phone rang. It was the doctor Curly and Patch had seen on Wednesday. She told Curly that his lab results had just come in (at 9 pm on a Sunday?) and that he had strep and haemophilus (which is a bacteria that just makes you sicker). He asked if he could pick up the prescription Monday morning, and the doctor answered that since the haemophilus was "insidious," he should get on antibiotics asap. So he did. He's on the same stuff Mini-me took for pneumonia.

I am pretty done with sick people. I have been dodging the bullet through hand washing and sheer dumb luck. But haemophilus? Man, I don't think I can dodge this one...The doctor said the kids won't get it because they have been inoculated for it. However, it can cause pneumonia and conjunctivitis, both things my kids have had. It's a little suspect, don't you think? I have put in a call to the doctor to ask her some questions, and hopefully those will be answered positively (as in: just a coincidence) instead of negatively (as in: come in for lab work).

In the meantime, I have kept Mini-me home for one more day. She still has a little cough and a runny nose. I want her to have one more day of rest before I stick her back in the germ colony that is preschool. The kids are watching Finding Nemo, so I think I'll get some sewing done. Come back tomorrow and see what new infectious disease the O'Kigins have caught!


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone is soon on the mend and you aren't the last one to fall vicitim to the plague of Frederick. Proof positive that Diet Coke works is the undisputable fact that Mini-me and Patch are both sick!

the highlight addict said...

You need to go out and buy Diet Coke by the 2-liters and start chugging! I'll check in tomorrow!