Monday, November 05, 2007

Sick Mini-me, the Continuing Saga

Today has been a rough day. I took Mini-me to the doctor, because her fever has been high since Thursday, even with the Motrin/Tylenol dance. We saw a doctor I don't much care for, who was very dismissive and sent us home saying "She has a cold." Frankly, I didn't buy it, and said as much while on my way out. Three hours later, when her fever reached a frightening 105.4, I called back demanding to speak with our normal doctor. I made Curly talk with him, because I was a touch emotional by that point. He was very sympathetic, and said he had seen several cases of pneumonia in the past little while that could only be detected by x-ray, not by listening. We got her in to get a chest x-ray, and by 5:00 we had a new diagnosis of pneumonia. Not a cold. We have her on some heavy duty antibiotics, Curly and our friend gave her a priesthood blessing, and she is fast asleep.

I am emotionally spent. I have felt so neurotic over the past few days. I have not been able to shake the feeling that there was something wrong with Mini-me. That's not a good, nor restful, feeling to have. I even left in the middle of sacrament meeting yesterday to call home, because I was so sure she was in bad shape. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that I am not crazy, yet I wish Mini-me wasn't this sick.

My plan for tomorrow is to keep her in her feety pjs and let her watch movies. Or sleep. Luckily Patch is easily entertained.


DanceNplay said...

I'm glad we'er here to help. I hope the blessing helped. I hope she rests and gets better. You get some rest as well!
What's up with me using the words, hope and help a gazillion times?

the highlight addict said...

Oh, jlk, I am so sorry that Mini-me has pneumonia! Now that she has the right diagnosis and the heavy-duty antibiotics hopefully she can kick it quickly. Hopefully she can get the rest that she needs and maybe that will coincide with a nice, long nap for Patch as well which means you can get some sleep too! Keep us updated on her progress on your blog if you have some time. If you have to choose between blogging and sleep, please sleep and blog later! :) I'll keep her and your family in my prayers! Love ya!