Tuesday, November 06, 2007

On the Mend

Mini-me is doing much better. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. Her fever is gone and she is a little more like herself. She's been fighting with Patch today and kicking the dog. Her color is still a little off, and her eyes have yet to regain their sparkle, but we're getting there.

On the other hand, Patch woke up from his nap with goopy eyes. My expert opinion is that he has pink eye. I tried to call tonight to get an appointment for tomorrow, but they schedule their "sick" appointments day of, and the only other appointment they had available to schedule was at 4, when we'll be on our way home from picking up Flower. Hopefully I'll be able to get something earlier with a doctor I like -- not Doctor Lee, or the doctor who, while examining Mini-me at about 15 months, let her fall off the table. I can't remember her name, but I'll know it if I hear it.

I feel pretty good, albeit worn out, but Curly feels sick. His voice is scratchy and he keeps pulling blankets under his chin, which means his throat hurts. I really hope I don't catch any of this stuff. It's only two weeks until Thanksgiving and less than 2 months until Christmas. There's no time for Mama to be sick!


DanceNplay said...

I'm so glad to hear she's doing better! YAY.

the highlight addict said...

Great news that she's on the mend! Here's wishing that you can stay healthy!