Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lame Excuses

I am full of lame excuses this week on why I'm not exercising. It's been a week since I hit the gym. Frankly, I am too tired. I've got nothin' left. And, if I did have something left, I should probably expend it on cleaning up the kitchen, right?

Patch has discovered my shoes. He likes to put one on and then walk around the living room. This, and other things, gets Mini-me all riled up. She doesn't think Patch should be able to touch things.

My final thought for the day is about Christmas gifts. Mini-me loves "magic wands." She'll take anything that is long and straight (a stick, a rod, a plastic tube), and wave it around. As I sit typing, she has a magic wand in her hand. I think for Christmas, I will make her a bunch of magic wands, and decorate them with ribbon and sparkles. She'll love it.


the highlight addict said...

I think that is an awesome idea (wands)! I thought I might start walking or at least do some jumping jacks daily (I'm not kidding either--my thought is something is better than nothing!) this week but then I also got sick along with the kids, so no energy here, either. Maybe next week?

Anonymous said...

Off the couch, potato, and do one of your exercise videos. Perhaps Mini-me could turn the wand into a baton and keep time with the music. Or...clean your kitchen...