Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sick Mini-me

Mini-me has been running a fever since Thursday. Medicine helps a little, but it doesn't get rid of the fever. She also has a sore throat and a cough. As a strep expert, I don't think she has it. I could be wrong, though. I have been wrong before. Once. We are supposed to have a birthday party for Grandpa tonight, but I think Mini-me and may have to sit this one out. I don't want to get anyone else sick, and I don't want her to get sicker. (More sick? Sicker sounds wrong, like funner.) I'll send my Barefoot Contessa layer cake and some apple dip I made with Curly, Flower, and Patch.

Also on the docket for today is a gig with the Towne Singers. We will be singing on the Trolley that makes a loop around Frederick. We will be singing Christmas songs. Today is the kick-off for the holiday shopping season in Downtown Frederick. It makes me feel panicky inside. I am not anywhere near ready with my gifts this year. I don't even have supplies. I better get on that. I did get my turkey ordered from Hemp's Meats yesterday. At least I'm ahead of the game on that.

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the highlight addict said...

I hope Mini-me is feeling better now! Poor girl!

I made your pumpkin waffles last night for dinner! They were delicious! We had lots of leftover batter so I think we'll have them again Wednesday night (which has become our official "Waffle Wednesday" at our house).