Monday, December 29, 2008

What Day is Today?

I am so off. On Friday, I thought it was Saturday. On Saturday, it felt like a Friday. Sunday was, well, Sunday. But today? Maybe a Wednesday. It just doesn't feel like the right day. I miss my routines! I need the kids to go to school. But, it's also fun when they're home.

Flower gets a break from being a sister today and gets to go to her mom's house for the afternoon to check out her presents. She is looking forward to it, as am I. It will be quiet here without her, and I need a little quiet. She'll be back by bedtime, so tomorrow we have to plan something super fun to make her excited to come back.

Mini-me told us last night that life was bad. It's a hard realization to come to at age 5, but it's an important lesson to learn. She wanted chocolate, it was 9 pm, and I said no. Poor dear. I'll give her money to see a therapist when she's older.

Patch has been singing the "Bob the Builder" song since last night. Only he can't get all the words out. "Can we fix it" is a very hard phrase.


losing my needles said...

Have you had flower with you ever since Christmas?

Anonymous said...

Did you just stand dumb struck at Mini-me and point to all of her presents? Though, I'd have a little snit if you told me I couldn't have chocolate no matter the time of day.

Lisa said...

A sign of a good holiday is wondering what day it is today! I have done it every morning!