Sunday, December 21, 2008

"No Santa!"

On Saturday, we went over to have breakfast with Santa at Curly's work. Mini-me was ecstatic, Flower was indifferent, and Patch was freaking out. He does not like Santa. This is the second occasion this season where he has screamed and cried as soon as the man in red comes into view.
Poor child. The worst part is, his parents think this is funny. They take pictures and post them on the internets.
He was fine once we let him play cars with Will.

This is a great picture. The girls are waving, and Santa just wants the paparazzi to go away.


Lisa said...

I was the Santa photographer this year at our ward Christmas party. There certainly were a variety of reactions!

Anonymous said...

Do you ever remember going to see Santa? I don't have any recollection of taking you guys to see Santa, but I hope I did.