Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday Night

We decorated the tree last night. Flower was very concerned that we would do it without her. She informed me that it's a tradition for the whole family, not just part of it. That said, she wasn't too concerned that Curly had to work and we would be decorating without him.

There was a hole in our tree. Flower fixed it. By putting the smallest ornament we have right in the middle.

Patch really wanted to touch the tree. Here he is, after I gave him a warning. This is his "I wasn't doing anything" pose.

Meet our newest village. A friend gave it to us last year before she moved. She never put it out, and didn't want to take it with her. It's the New England village, but I think it has a real western vibe, a la Sun Valley or Park City. The house with the demonic glow is actually the outdoor outfitters store. Mini-me explained the difference between this village, and our other villages. See, in this one, people have a job and have to go to work. There's a farm, a fish cannery, a sawmill, and the outfitters. The little figures are working; one is ice fishing and the other is chopping wood. Those other lazy villages where no one works. They should be ashamed of themselves.
Then I got artsy with the black and white. You can almost hear Patch say "cheese" in this shot.
I took a chance and tried to get one of all three of them. Eh. We have better options.

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Anonymous said...

So cute; can't wait to see you tree live and in person.