Saturday, December 13, 2008

Angels Among Us

Tonight was Flower's school Christmas show. That's the perk of going to a Christian school -- you can do an actual Christmas show. Usually it's about angels and getting ready for Christ's birth. This year was no exception. After the Kindergarten class had their annual singing of "Happy Birthday, Jesus," the angels filed in. The kids made their wings and got to write on them. My favorite was the one that said "I do Karaoke. God Rocks!" followed closely by the little girl behind her who wrote "Soccer Rocks!" Flower wrote her name, the number 10 (which is her number in class), and drew a pink limo.

I am including this picture for two reasons. First, the kids eyes glow and look freaky. Second, that guys bald spot was in nearly every shot.

Flower played Mary in the nativity scene. She did a very good job. So, in case you're keeping track, I have played Mary this season, and now Flower has. We better do a family nativity this year so Mini-me doesn't feel left out.

Mini-me was very proud of her sister. She had been looking forward to this night all week. I'm glad it did not disappoint. She even got to sit on "Missydell's" lap (that's what she calls The Ex). Here's the part where I tell you what an awesome step-mom I am: Mini-me and Patch both love "Missydell." They can't get enough of her. That just goes to show that I don't trash talk. Well, in front of them. I'm an awesome step-mom, but I'm only human.

See this here? Patch had a melt-down in the babysitting room, using the complete sentence "When my mommy coming?" whilst tears streamed down his face, causing me to pull out the emergency gingky. And Mini-me? Well, guess who was taking this photo. Guess who she wanted to go to. Really, guess. Yup, "Missydell." Oh well. At least Flower looks happy to take a picture with me.

PS -- when I did my proofreading, I noticed the title said "Angles Among Us." Ha. While everyone may have a little larceny in 'em, this is not about playing angles or percentages. It's about Angels.

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