Saturday, December 20, 2008

Two Down

Today I challenged Christmas to a starring contest and won. I was started to stress. A lot. Things weren't done. And by things, I mean presents. Presents weren't done. I made a list. I had a whole bunch of "not yet begun" items on it. So, I decided to change my list and make it a little simpler.

I whipped these up in what seemed like no time (well, after I deciphered the picture-less directions that had me scratching my head more than once).

This one is for Flower. I call it Sigi.

This is Sepp. They are skiing elephants in the snow circus. He's for Mini-me.


losing my needles said...

Those are seriously cute. Yesterday I got 200 7" squares cut. that was after washing the fabric after we got home from the store. Now I have to mark 100 of them before I can start sewing them together. I think I'll make it after all.

Anonymous said...

Add those to your next trunk show. Seriously, seriously cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, they are too cute!! You are so talented. I hope you realize how awesome you are!!

Life in Maryland said...

Those are so cute!