Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Lights

Last night, we went down to see the lights at the Washington, DC Temple. The kids were very excited to go. They put on their new hat, scarf, and glove sets from Grandma and Grandpa and off we went.

Flower was the first to spot the temple (and also took this fabulous picture), but Patch was probably the most excited. As we left, he called out: "Bye, temple! Love you! See you later!" What a darling, spiritual child.

Mini-me took this picture. Aren't we attractive?

Patch didn't like standing still for pictures. Is that a surprise to anyone?

After we saw the lights, we let the kids take part in our after-temple tradition: the Silver Diner in Rockville.


Anonymous said...

Did you tell them that GrandPatty and Papa Ken were inside the Temple while you were looking at the lights?

Anonymous said...

Oops. That was probably Friday night that you did all this.