Friday, September 28, 2007


When I went to blog for Weight Loss Wednesday, my computer was acting funny. It was slow and would lose Internet* connection spontaneously. I finally got my entry written, and it wouldn't post. I was sad. If I had been able to post, I would have said that my weight loss is off to an excellent new beginning. In the first week, I have lost 7 pounds. Not too shabby. The advice for the week is that we do not eat to Feel Full, but to Fuel the Furnace. My mom loves alliteration.

I have two rewards waiting for me. As soon as I get under a certain weight, I can use one of my gift certificates for a salon and get a facial or a massage. I can't decide which. After I lose 10 more pounds (from what I weighed in on Monday), I can buy a corduroy jacket from Talbots. Hopefully, in the time it takes me to lose 10 more pounds, it will feel like fall.

Today is a busy day. I have to make 150 mini pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for opening night of FtP's The Fantastics. I am on the events committee. The Towne Singers will be singing in the lobby before the show, then during the show I will help set up for the opening night reception.

Did anyone see The Office last night? I know it's an obscure show...Just kidding. I thought it was great. Curly got a little annoyed with me because I was so excited Jim and Pam are really dating. Grey's Anatomy also did not disappoint. I was ready to hate Meredith's sister, but I really like her. This is going to be a problem for her because everyone likes the sister. Meredith is going to need to cool down the jealousy vibe she gives off....(I love talking about shows as if the characters were real.)

Have a great weekend. Check back in for a final photo of the first Molly Patch quilt. It's so cute, you'll all want one.

*Did you know that "Internet" is supposed to be capitalized? Spell check says so...


Anonymous said...

I knew that about Internet. You used to capitalize Indian but I don't know if that is still the case. (get it -- 'upper' case?)

G'ma Judy said...

From G'ma Judy, PT (physical therapist AND proofreading therapist):

You're right, Patricia: Indian is still capitalized.
BTW other Internet-related words that are frequently written incorrectly (even in well known publications!) are listed below These are what the newest style guides prefer, and, at least for a while, they are correct; they may eventually change thru use...

Web is capitalized.
E-mail is hyphenated and the "E" is capitalized.
Two words: Web site, Web page, Web index, Web server, Web directory, Web browser
One word: Webmaster, Weblog, Webcasting

So that's more than you EVER wanted to know! But now (if you want) you can "Write It Right!"
PS: Isn't my daughter-in-law's blog (lowercase) great?

G'ma Judy said...

Oops! While looking up something in the "Chicago Manual of Style" and the "Gregg Reference Manual" I stumbled across a REALLY BIG mistake in my earlier comment to this post. In previous research, I had misread the capitalization of the word "e-mail" ... the letter "e" is NOT capitalized! So if you thought the "proofreading therapist" never makes mistakes, think again! Sorry for any confusion or heated family discussions this may have caused. It's really so much easier to write e-mail lowercase (and I usually did, even though I thought it was wrong)!