Sunday, September 23, 2007

Almost Done

The quilt I have been working on for some Molly Patch customers is almost done. I did the quilting yesterday, all by machine. I found this great star pattern for the border by Borders Made Easy. It's a product that you attatch to the quilt and follow for the perfect border. It is so much easier than drawing the pattern out with chalk. By the time you get to the end, the chalk has always worn off and you have to guess what comes next, which can be frustrating. Zero frustration with Borders Made Easy.

Here's a photo, or two, of the QUIP:

This is the first time I have designed a quilt star to finish. It took all my brain power, because putting squares on point can be tricky, but it was worth it. The main part of the fabric is a line called Every Iota by Robert Kaufman. I found most of it online. The back is this really soft, nubby material. It's a little hard to work with because if the stretch, but the result is so great. Who wouldn't want to cuddle their baby in such softness? All I have left to do is the binding, which is actually my favorite part. I have named this quilt (because you have to name a quilt) the Irving. Hope they like it :)


the highlight addict said...

I like it. I've said it before...girl, you have talent!

patty said...

I think you could open a quilt boutique if you could keep up with demand. Your great grandmother would be so proud of you.