Saturday, September 29, 2007

I Have A Wide Foot

Now that you've read the title, hopefully the rest of the post will make sense.

Today is beautiful. The weather can hardly be improved upon, except maybe by subtracting about 10 degrees. As part of our "better you" program I have put our family on, we went for a walk. We even took Gracie. She was a little scared, but since most of Frederick is dog friendly, she was welcomed more places than our kids.

I wore my new shoes. They are red and have orange insoles. When I tried them on, it was like walking on a pillow. I thought no shoe could be more comfortable and more stylish at the same time. As we walked up and down the streets and paths of Frederick, my wide foot began to expand. When we got home, taking them off was like releasing Ursula the sea witch from her mortal form. I still think the shoes are cute. I just hope that they will become more comfortable.

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