Monday, September 17, 2007

The Fair!

The fair came to town this weekend. We had a ball. Flower was finally tall (and brave) enough to go on some faster rides. Mini-me cried, because she's wanted to go on the roller coaster for 2 years in a row now, but has been too short. They rode in the belly of a bear with Curly:

Went on a crazy motorcycle ride:

Went on a ride that took your straight up, and then dropped you, several times:

We did the dime toss and won 2 glasses:

We did the carousel. Patch was less than impressed:

We saw livestock. Oh, the livestock. Patch loved the piggies. The girls liked the milking exhibition:

What a fun time we had! We can't wait for next year.


the highlight addict said...

Oh! The fair! I LOVE the fair! The rides, the food, the animals! Such a great time to be had! So sad I missed it! You look great, JLK!!

grandpatty said...

Come what may I'm going to the Fair next year. Except I won't be riding any of those rides -- not even the one with Curly in the bear.