Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

My headache from yesterday has continued into today, so I am going to try to take it easy today. No loud noises....We had hoped to go hiking today, but lack of a vehicle has cancelled those plans. I am going this morning (my mom is coming at about 11:30 to pick me up) to get Curly's parents car down in Northern Va. We are so glad they're out of town so we can borrow it. It's supposed to be about 90 today, and that's just too hot to hike around with little kids, especially one that will ask to be carried and can't because she's too big, one that will ask to be carried and will be, and one that will be in a backpack.

The main thing I have to accomplish this week is getting the upstairs in order. Since people don't really go upstairs in our house, I let it slide. A lot. I try to keep the bathroom really clean, since no one likes a dirty bathroom, but I admit I don't clean up after kids, husband, and myself as much as I should in the bedrooms. But no more. My Falliday resolution is to keep our rooms neat and tidy. For this task, I am sure I will be cracking open the Martha Stewart Homekeepking Handbook. She really does know everything.

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grandpatty said...

I don't know what a Falliday resolution is, but it sounds like you've got a really good plan to be successful. I'm sorry I didn't see you and yours today, but RS duty called.