Monday, August 06, 2007

Sun Valley Monday

Today is another beautiful day here. Curly went to the in-law grandchildren breakfast with my grandparents this morning. I stayed home with kids (Flower had her cousin Jane sleep over), and we dressed and breakfasted until he came home. We then went out to race our ducks in the stream. Mini-me freaked out when her duck went in the water. She was afraid she wouldn't get it back. After a few rounds of watching Jane and Flower, she bravely put her duck in for a race and yelled encouraging phrases like "You can do it, baby!" It was very funny.

Curly and Flower are now horseback riding for their daddy-daughter date. Mini-me has chosen a trip to the candy store and feeding the ducks (real ones) as hers. When they get home, we're going to go swimming. It's a little chilly, but the round pool is heated. Tonight, we'll skate.

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