Friday, August 31, 2007

I Love Sally

I went to Safeway tonight, and took notice of the large flat screen tv showing an "I Love Lucy" rerun. My mom is a huge Lucy fan, or at least she was when we were growing up. Before daytime talk shows ruled the airwaves, I Love Lucy and other same-era shows were on Fox during the day. My younger brother used to say "Not 'I Love Sally.' I hate grey." He was so funny. He did like "Shirley, Shirley," which was "Laverne and Shirley."

Flower lately has been asking us to tell her funny stories from when she was "a kid." In my expert mom opinion, the funny stuff usually happens in the first few years. Since I missed the first 2.5 years of her short life, I'm missing some prime comedy. I can remember a few cute things, like when she was stuck in traffic with Curly and she got on her toy cell phone to make a few calls to tell people she was "stuff in trassiss." When she was 3, she would go potty with an inner tube around her waist, and goggles over her eyes. We have pictures to prove it. She and Curly would set up the playroom with elaborate scenes, involving Barbie, the green Power Ranger, army guys, Little People, and stuffed animals. I walked in on one battle one evening to find Flower in a faint on the floor. Curly was preparing to life flight her (using a clever combination of a toy helicopter and jump rope) to the hospital (which was located on the top of a chest of drawers). She came to when the doctor (also Curly) gave her chocolate.

Mini-me also does some funny things. She used to say "La Loo" for "love you" and called all her uncles "muncle." She runs around the house singing in a strange language that sounds like "dtha dtah dtha dtha doo do dododododododo doooooOoooo!OOOOO!O!" Sometimes she puts on a rainboot on one foot and a slipper on the other and walks around the house. She tries to leave the house wearing this, but I still exercise some control over her wardrobe. She calls sprinkles "sparkles."

Patch doesn't do much yet, but he thinks he's hilarious. His best joke is climbing the stairs as fast as possible and throwing something down from the top. Yes, he's done it while I'm in the bathroom and yes, it scares me half to death. He mainly just looks at his sisters like they're crazy. He's right.

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grandpatty said...

You've captured the personalities of your three perfectly. That was a delightful blog. Just to correct your memory: you have the quotation perfect in its accuracy but the first was uttered in exasperation by your sister, and the second was from your big brother. You were not lacking in the humor department yourself.