Monday, August 20, 2007

Rainy Day

Today is a rainy day. I love rainy days. The world looks green again, instead of drought brown. It's also nice and cool -- under 80. It feels like fall is here.

Patch had his one-year doctors check up today. He passed with flying colors, but not without 3 shots and some blood work. In our state and county, "they" mandate a lead test. It's not such a bad idea, since we live in a nearly 100-year-old house and have traces of lead here and there. I don't let Patch chew on the windowsills, but you never know. He was very brave and is up and around now. His height and head are in the 75 percentile, but his weight is now in about the 10th. For as loud as he is, he's not verbal, but since he's a boy (and slower than his sisters with that), the doctor was not concerned.

I'm having some pain in my heel today, which is a really weird place to have pain. It really hurts to walk on it, and it aches when I rest. I've let Mini-me watch some shows as a result. A commercial for Bratz came on. I don't like Bratz. I think they are worse than Barbies as far as self-image is concerned. I said "I don't like Bratz."
Mini-me countered with "I do. I like Bratz."
I looked at her and said "Bratz are trashy."
Quick as a wink, Mini-me answered "I like trash." There you have it.

It's now thunder storming, and Mini-me is mad. She's yelling "Bad rain! Bad!" I guess it's time to log off...


Grandpa and Grandma said...

You'd better get used to Molly's trash attachment, because I'm afraid it's in the genes. One of our family's favorite songs to sing when Curly was growing up was Oscar the Grouch's "I Love Trash." Check out the Web site:
It brings back great memories of the past!

Love from your kids' trash-loving grandparents

G'ma and G'pa said...

#2 comment from us: Seeing Oscar's sneaker (all tattered and torn) on the music video reminds me of when someone paid Curly $50 for a ratty old pair of sneakers that they needed for a TV commercial. Our budding actor was 13 or 14 at the time and was quite thrilled to give up his shoes. If he couldn't personally be on TV, at least a part of him could...