Sunday, August 05, 2007

Day What?

Since we have been gone a week, I think I will stop counting the days.

Yellowstone was, again, beautiful. Our first stop out of the car (to change a diaper), resulted in wolf sighting. Back in the car, we drove for less than 5 minutes when we noticed a buffalo on the side of the road. It was huge. We pulled over, took a picture (I wouldn't let anyone get out because they hand you a drawing of a man getting gored by a buffalo when you enter the park), and then watched the buffalo merge in front of us and lead traffic for awhile. The rest of the trip was spent trying to find a bear (never did) and looking at the "thermal features." At one area, Mini-me kept plugging her nose and saying "Pee-yoush!" One hot spot was called "Dragons Breath," and on the way to the car, Mini-me said "I don't like dragon toots." We all giggled about that. To cap off our perfect trip, we made it to Old Faithful a mere 15 minutes before it erupted. Perfect timing.

We our now in beautiful Sun Valley. We miss the family members who aren't here, but are having a great time catching up with those who are. Last night's ice show was one to remember, complete with a hula hoop of fire. Today at church we took up 6 rows. The weather is lovely, the newly remodelled apartments are luxurious, and I am with my family. What a perfect way to unwind for a week.

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