Wednesday, August 15, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

My drivers license expired while we were on our 18 state tour. I went to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) this morning to remedy the situation. I received my line number at 10:58 this morning. I was seen at 1:22 this afternoon. It is my professional assessment that the MVA is none other than a social experiment, similar to the Darwin Initiative, that is designed to test a persons limits. Mine were stretched as far as they would go. After waiting 2.5 hours, a woman asked me to verify my information, pointedly asking about my weight. Yes, in Maryland, your weight is printed in bold on your license. Someone once told me that this was for the rescue workers who may need to help you. I highly doubt that in a life or death situation, the EMT would take time to rustle through my bag to find my license in order to know if he had to lift with his legs and get the jumbo stretcher. I laughed at the woman and confessed that I have never weighed the number on record. I guess I was a liar 5 years ago.

And did I tell the truth today? No way!

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grandpatty said...

Talk about from the sublime to the ridiculous: Sun Valley to the DMV in one week. You need a Hershey bar.