Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dinner Party

Tonight we were invited to a dinner party. A friend of ours recently bought an inn in Pennsylvania, called The Lodge at Blue Ridge Summit. ML is a caterer, and we thought she would be cooking for us. We were pleasantly surprised when handed a menu and told the chef would be cooking dinner, and ML could sit and chat. They were doing a new menu, and wanted opinions. My opinion was that my filet was delicious and my apple cobbler was to die for. There were 5 couples total. We all new Randy and ML from different areas -- Curly met Randy at a Chamber of Commerce event, and then we met ML when she catered the FtP event in June. Another couple knew them from cycling. One woman was ML's former neighbor. Dan is the chairman of the board for Goodwill in Federick. I love dinner parties, especially ones where everyone there is so different. The one unifying hobby was golf. I heard more about the links than I really cared to. When asked if I played, I said "No, but I'm really good at driving the cart and having lunch at the clubhouse."

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