Friday, August 10, 2007

Last Full Day

Curly is playing his last round of golf right now. The last day is always so sad. I hate to leave. I was thinking of all the things I love about this place, and I thought I would list them for you. Mostly, I want to make everyone jealous they are not here.

1. Books. Nearly everyone in my family is a reader. There is always a new suggestion, a new find. This trip I have discovered The Goose Girl (thanks Karen) and the vampire series (thanks Jessica).

2. Bikes. I don't own a bike at home, but coming here and biking to Ketchum, biking to the village, or just biking the trails makes me want one. Think of the fun I could have!

3. Skating. I learned to ice skate here at the tender age of 3. Mini-me loves it, Flower loves it. I have such a great time trying to remember how to spin and jump, and I also have a great time teaching the younger kids. My back aches after a session, but it's worth it for a really great time. We skate every night after dinner, and then get ice cream afterwards. I have been really good this trip and have abstained from the nightly dessert.

4. Family. Everywhere we go, we run into someone. This morning, we went to have breakfast at the inn buffet, and ran into my parents. Then, walking around the shops, we ran into Mike, Jean, and PT. We got to our house, and Jake and Zach were hanging around our front door.

I am going to be so sad to leave tomorrow. I wish we could stay 2 weeks...

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grandpatty said...

To everything you said, I say "ditto". I have enjoyed catching up with everyone who I haven't seen for three years, having my own "book chats" around the ice skating rink with like minded readers, and appreciating my brother's grandchildren. Eleven more people would have made it perfect for me.