Thursday, May 17, 2007

Say What?

I have to say, I am shocked by the American Idol results show. First of all, Elliot Yamin has teeth? And hair? If he had these last season, he probably would have one.

Secondly, Melinda. Melinda, Melinda, Melinda. How could she get voted off? Seriously. HOW??? She was the best one in the competition. I was all set for a Melinda/Blake showdown. You know, traditional vocals vs. modern beat boxing. It would have been amazing. But now, we have awesome Blake vs. Jordin. High school girl Jordin. Curly loves Jordin. I love Blake. Whoever controls the phone Tuesday night gets to vote for her favorite. Or his. But it will be hers. Good luck to Blake and Jordin; the best one was already voted off.

We head out this afternoon to Melden's wedding. I am not looking forward to the trip. I feel a little panicky inside when I think about it. I am looking forward to the wedding. Maybe if everyone could just come here for the wedding, that would be great. I make a great cake. No? Are you sure? In that case, does anyone have any anti-anxiety pills?


grandpatty said...

I could use a handful of those pills myself.

jean said...

Good luck on the flight with the three munchkins. We leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. Don't forget to pack Patch's swim trunks!